Melancholy loose ends

Wyatt Sell
2 min readMay 19, 2024

Today, I decided to sunset Revisio, a web application I spent nearly 18 months pouring unimaginable quantities of effort and time into. If you’re unfamiliar, I detailed the details of building and launching the Revisio here, filled with optimism and enthusiasm.

For a multitude of reasons, Revisio failed to gain any significant traction. DAUs peaked at about a dozen, and the MRR steadily reamined at $0. I could write a whole essay about how I could relaunch and improve but for me, its time to move on. Though a commercial and popular failure, Revisio was not a failure to me. It represents my transformation from a complete newbie to a competent (if immodest) developer. It landed my first job, and it still remains a source of personal pride for me. I had an idea, and I executed it.

In the years and months that followed the launch, my focus shifted to other things — exams, trips, going to college, and embarking on new opportunities and projects. My interests and priorities have shifted, and Revisio is no longer one of them. It was a meaningful stepping stone, but I have now moved beyond it.

As such, I have decided to officially shut down Revisio. If you are one of the very few users, I offer my heartfelt gratitude and apologies. It is painful for me too, but servers cost money. I did not expect the bout of melancholic nostalgia I got when disabling the various pages and servers, but at root, it is just that — nostalgia. Nostalgia hurts momentarily, but it is also a reminder of the joy of days gone by. That joy has passed, but it paves the way for new pursuits, new joy.

The landing page will remain up as a memento, but the site won’t be functional. Goodbye Revisio!

P.S. A huge thank you to all who helped with this project and encouraged me a long the way, especially: Joe, Dan and Alistair ❤️