The making of: My productivity stack

The NOAT stack


Notability on an iPad with someone writing using an Apple Pencil
Photo by Dhru J on Unsplash


Obsidian screenshot

My favourite plugins

  • Day Planner: An agenda widget that shows my events for the day and can sync with Google Calendar (with a lot of tinkering).
  • Flashcards: This is the big one. This lets me write flashcards while I’m taking my notes (in the format “front::back”), and let me add them all to Anki with a click of a button.
  • LanguageTool Integration: A spelling and grammar checker that works similarly to Grammarly, and has an attractive appearance.
  • Outliner: I use this to make it easier to take notes using the outline method (my chosen note-taking technique)
  • Spaced Repetition: Schedules note reviews based on how difficult I label them as being. (It has flashcard support, but I find Anki more efficient and more cross-platform)
  • Todoist Plugin: Allows me to add a Todoist frame to my notes. I combine this with the template feature to make sure it’s added to my Daily Note.
  • Obsidian Git: A free way to sync Obsidian between all my devices. To sync with the iPadOS version of Obsidian, I use Working Copy (guide)


Anki screenshot of chemistry flashcard


Todoist screenshot with task list

Other tools

These 4 tools are my primary and most commonly used tools for staying organised and productive, however there are a bunch more tools I use less frequently (or that aren’t that interesting) that I would also highly recommend:

  • Google Drive: No brainer! Gives me a place to store miscellaneous files and archive old projects.
  • Google Calendar: The best calendar app. It syncs across all my devices, and I’ve written code to integrate it with my schools homework planner platform
  • Cold Turkey Blocker: A great tool that blocks distracting websites and is impossible to get around (trust me, I’ve tried!) The premium tier is well worth it, and if you are prone to getting distracted like me, this tool is a life saver.
  • Habitify: Now, to be honest I mainly like this app because of it’s design. It’s a great habit tracker and it looks amazing. They’ve also got a nice student discount.
  • Bitwarden: Not strictly productivity, but it’s a vital tool that I use everyday. It’s a free, open-source password manager that works exactly as advertised.



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